packaging a cause
For this project, I researched what exactly is in the food we eat. A lot of the time we do not question what we are eating when we buy food. It's well known that fast food isn't healthy for us, but do we know what we're putting into our bodies? Fast food is tempting because it is so widely available, as well as fast and cheap, but there is a reason for all of this; the ingredients. The phrase "made with natural ingredients and flavors" is conceived to be a good thing, but when there is beef extract in your fries or bugs in your milkshake, it can be very misleading. Corn is also so widely used, you can find it in many food products since animals are fed corn, corn syrup is used in soda, and many preservatives are made from corn. The Unhappy Meal is a project meant to make the consumer take a step back and realize that things aren't always as they seem.
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